Equalizer Vaults

This guide walks you through an overview of the Equalizer Vaults dashboard.

Equalizer Vaults dashboard consists of the following elements

Topbar Connect your wallet and switch between supported blockchain networks.

Sidebar Toggle between Vaults, Statistics and Documentation dashboards, switch between light and dark mode and show or hide the sidebar details.

Vaults Overview You can see the available vaults and vault summary, filter vaults or create a new vault. By clicking on a vault, vault details are presented.

Vaults summary Vaults summary presents the most important vault information.

The table below explains the displayed information.



Available to deposit*

Tokens you can deposit to the vault from your connected wallet.

My LP Tokens*

LP (Liquidity Provider) Tokens in your wallet.


Vault profitability from the accumulating flash loan fees since vault inception


Vault Yield Farming program annual percentage yield (APY). To learn if a yield farming program is available, click on a vault check the vault details.

FL Volume

The total amount of flash loans borrowed since the platform release on the given blockchain.


The total amount a vault can accept and the amount already deposited in the vault.

*The information is displayed only if your wallet is connected.

When you select a vault, vault details are presented. Equalizer Vault guide walks you through an overview of vault details.

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