Security Audits

Security is our top priority and we are constantly auditing and improving the platform. Assets are stored on secure non-custodial smart contracts on blockchain. Equalizer has been designed to be safe and secure, and we have spent all the necessary resources in order to ensure that the platform meets the highest security standards.

Smart contract security audit has been performed by CertiK security audit company. Results of the audit are summarized in the table below

Equalizer Vaults - August 2021

Issues Resolved 10/10


Total issues found

Total issues resolved

Coding style



Logical issue






Equalizer Yield Farming - November 2021

Issues resolved: 6/6

Equalizer infrastructure pentest - November 2021

Pentest summary: According to the test results, in a Very Low to Very High scale, the current security level of the in-scope environment is High. See the report below.

Incident report - 07 June 2022

Equalizer Vaults - August 2022

  • No critical findings

  • All security findings have been addressed and resolved

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