How to use the Meta Aggregator

1. Overview

The Equalizer DEX and Bridge Aggregator tool diminishes (or eliminates) the interoperability hurdle that users, particularly those lacking experience in the field, and not only, face when trying to navigate their assets around different locations within the blockchain ecosystem.

In every transaction processed through the Equalizer DEX, a nominal fee of 0.1% is applied. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the total transaction amount. It is automatically deducted during the transaction, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience for our users. This fee structure is fundamental to maintaining and improving the robust infrastructure of our platform, enabling us to provide secure, efficient, and continuous service to our community.

2. Using Equalizer’s Meta Aggregator

You can access our integrated DeFi solution at the following address:

Supported chains

Below, you can find a list of the currently supported chains.








Binance Smart Chain

zkSync Era


Gnosis (xDAI)









Initially, you will be asked to connect with one of the 32 supported wallets (among them being MetaMask, Rabby, WalletConnect and Binance Wallet), of your choice, by clicking one of the two Connect Wallet buttons on the page.

Not connecting with the wallet makes it impossible to undergo any transaction, but you can still get a glimpse of the current fees for your desired course of action.

Please be aware that due to the rapidly changing software that backs the ecosystem, and implicitly the dApps, wallet extensions can sometimes produce out of sync situations. At any point in time, if there is any information that doesn’t seem to reflect reality, refresh the page. One good example of this phenomenon is when having multiple wallet extensions in the browser.


Opening the Rabby extension, you will see a very important statement: that MetaMask is in use, while Rabby is banned. If you wish to connect with Rabby instead, you’ll need to disconnect from Metamask, then click the flip button and refresh the page, such that information provided to the application will correspond to the desired account. Different wallets might have specific procedures, so be sure to follow the instructions given by the browser extensions, and always refresh the page after switching from the in-use wallet.

While having a wallet connected to the application, a pop-up is going to be available on the right hand side of the screen. For the moment, you can use it to copy your address and access the chain-specific explorer.

To disconnect your wallet, you need to open the specific browser extension and disconnect from there.

Once the wallet is connected, follow the instructions displayed in the tool’s fields in order to take the desired course of action:

  • Choose a chain and a token to exchange FROM

  • Choose a chain and a token to exchange TO

Once you've selected your desired chains and tokens, you'll be presented with a list of transaction methods, from which you can choose your preferred option. Continue by clicking Review, in order to see the summary of your transaction.

If you are exchanging one cryptocurrency for another within the same blockchain or network, then you will encounter the term ‘swapping’, being the name of this type of operation. Bridging, on the other hand, is the process of transferring assets from one blockchain to another. Irrespective of your purpose, the process of utilizing the exchange is similar, with variations in certain terms or designations.

Prior to moving forward, you will receive a concise overview of the actions that will take place.

As a final step, your wallet extension will appear on the screen, and you'll be required to authorize the action once more..

And that’s about it! Click on Confirm, sit back and relax while your transaction is being processed.

Thereafter, you can review your transaction within our app, with details about every step of the process. If you haven't reviewed it immediately, rest assured that it will be preserved in your transaction history.

If you haven't reviewed it immediately, rest assured that it will be preserved in your transaction history.

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