How do I create an Equalizer vault?

1 Overview

Equalizer vault is a secure solution that allows you to safely deposit and withdraw assets and supports flash lending. This guideline presents how to create an Equalizer vault in a few simple steps using Equalizer.

2 Create a new vault

Before you begin with the vault creation process, ensure your account has enough ETH and EQZ for the vault creation. Estimated costs and fees are listed in section 3.

You can create a new vault in four simple steps:

Visit the Equalizer Vaults page To learn which browsers are supported see the Supported Browsers and Wallets guide.

Connect your wallet Connect your wallet using the CONNECT WALLET button. Metamask will open and it will prompt you to connect your wallet. To learn about supported wallets see the Supported Browsers and Wallets guide.

Provide Token information Enter a valid token address for which you want to create a vault and click on CREATE. If the vault already exists, you will receive a notification and the creation process will terminate.

Complete the vault creation Complete the vault creation by signing a transaction using your connected account. Once the transaction is processed, a new vault will be created.

Congratulations! You successfully created a new vault.

After you create a vault, you can apply for vault listing by following the How do I list a vault on Equalizer? guidelines.

3 Vault creation fees

Vault is created by sending a Smart Contract transaction. The estimated vault creation costs and fees are


Estimated Cost (Ethereum)

Vault Creation

0.1-0.15 ETH*

Service Fee

5000 EQZ**

*Cost strongly depends on the gas price. **EQZ tokens are available on exchanges listed on the main page.

4 Important remarks

  • If a vault exists, the transaction will be reverted.

  • If you have insufficient funds, the transaction will be reverted.

  • Transaction processing time depends on the network congestion.

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