How do I list a vault on Equalizer?

1 Overview

This guideline presents Equalizer Vault listing criteria and the listing process. To list an Equalizer Vault on the Equalizer Platform the vault (token) needs to meet the listing criteria presented in section 2 and you need to create a Pull Request as presented in section 3.

2 Equalizer Vault Listing Criteria

To list a token on the Equalizer Platform, the following criteria MUST be met:

  1. Token Vault MUST be created. To create a Token Vault, see the How do I create an Equalizer Vault? guidelines.

  2. The token MUST be available in the TrustWallet.

  3. The token MUST be listed on two or more Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) on the same blockchain as the Vault.

  4. The average daily trading volume of the token on the DEXs MUST exceed $200000.

  5. Token liquidity on the DEXes MUST exceed $200000.

  6. The token MUST be an ERC-20-compliant token.

  7. Token MUST NOT be a deflationary token.

With the token, we refer to the token for which the vault has been created.

3 Listing a Vault

If Vault meets the listing criteria from section 2, you can apply for a vault listing on the Equalizer Platform by creating a Pull Request, as presented below:

  1. Visit the Equalizer Vault Listing GitHub repository.

  2. Create a Pull Request with the information presented in the table below




Vault name: "Equalizer Vault <token symbol>"


Token standard.


Token symbol.


The number of token decimals.


Token website.


Token description.


Link to the etherscan/bscscan/...


Vault status.


Vault id.

The Equalizer team will check if the vault meets the requirements and approve or deny the listing. If the request is denied because the vault doesn't meet the criteria, a processing fee of 5000 EQZ will be charged for the listing request.

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