Equalizer Statistics

This guide walks you through an overview of the Equalizer Vault dashboard.
Equalizer Vault dashboard
The dashboard gives you a complete overview of the selected vault. The table below explains the presented information.
Total Fees
Total flash loan fees collected by the vault since the vault inception.
Vault Increase
Vault profitability from the accumulating flash loan fees since vault inception.
Vault Yield Farming program annual percentage yield (APY). If Yield farming is not available, '-' is displayed.
Total FL Volume
The total amount of flash loans borrowed since the platform release on the given blockchain.
The total amount a vault can accept and the amount already deposited in the vault.
My Vault*
Presents information about LP Tokens in your connected wallet.
Total LP Balance
The amount of LP tokens in your connected wallet.
Flash Loans Activity
Statistics related to flash loan activity for this vault
Avg daily volume
Average daily flash loan volume of the vault.
Avg frequency/day
The average number of daily flash lendings.
Maximum asked
Highest borrowed and returned flash loan.
Last Asked
Size of the last asked flash loan.
Current Fee
Flash loan fee.
*The information is displayed only if your wallet is connected.
The dashboard also enables you to deposit or withdraw your assets. To learn how to deposit or withdraw your assets, see the How do I deposit and withdraw assets? guidelines.